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This website contains some of the collection of Bill Cox and his son Bill Jr. We have been collecting old fishing tackle for the past 8 years. Our site includes a few of the items we found interesting and wanted to share with other collectors who just like to see "old lures" at home when you can't get out there and look for them yourself. We don't have much in the way of priceless lures but each one we have reminds us of where we found it and the fun we had "just looking". The fact that we found and bought a lure was just "icing on the cake". The time we are able to spend together as father and son doing something we both like makes it that much better.

Come inside and look around. If you have any questions just email us at bill35677@msn.com. I am a member of the NFLCC in Alabama. If you are ever on Pickwick Lake in Northwest Alabama just drop us a line and tell us a good fishing tale. If you don't have one just give us a minute and we will tell you about the big one hanging on the wall at home or about the one that got away.


Please sign my guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site. You can also contact me privately. I enjoy to get mail!

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COMING SOON....Old lures made New again.  I repainted some old lures that didn't have paint to display in my collection. They are not for sale or intented to be represented as anything but repainted lures to hang on my wall for me to enjoy.  I just thought I might add them here for those who enjoy seeing old lures with a little bit of new life pumped back into them !! Check back soon and click on the New Again Lures page.  Thanks, Bill.

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